3 Stocks to Buy and Hold with Big Potential

Finding stocks that generate life-changing returns is not that difficult to do — they are often brands that you already know. The challenge is having the courage to step up to the plate and stick with those stocks through thick and thin, because even great stocks will experience periods of high volatility.

Stocks that go on to generate monster returns are usually the companies that are right in front of you. Three examples are Apple, Netflix, and Amazon. A $1,000 investment in each of these stocks at the beginning of 2005 would be worth a total of $287,400 today.

The interesting thing about these stocks is that Apple and Amazon were already large-cap stocks in 2005 but still climbed 1,780% and 3,850%, respectively, over the last 14 years. Monster stocks don't have to be small growers but can be found among fast-growing leaders.

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