$336k, 3 Trades, 1 Time Of The Year

Is $336k profit from just 3 trades possible?

It shouldn't be. It defies all stock market logic. It should be impossible.

Yet it's not.

It happened last year to one of Tim Sykes' students.

But here's where it gets interesting…

According to Tim, this happens every year with penny stocks… like clockwork!

When winter rolls around…

A strange anomaly causes certain micro-caps to spike and create unimaginable gains.

And while catching $336k in profits off 3 trades is highly unlikely for the average trader…

What if you could grab just a small percentage of a spike like that?

Tim says gains to the tune of 100%, 200%… and in some cases 10x that are possible right now.

But ONLY right now.

That's the thing about this winter “glitch”… It will be gone before you know it. Sure, it will be back next year.

But do you really want to shelve the chance at “brag to your lawyer friend” type gains for 2024?

Click here and watch Tim's urgent broadcast before we pull it off air.

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