Analysis: 6 Ways to Stay on Top of the Stock Market

Donald Trump makes a lot of questionable comments, but the president is right about one thing: Everybody thinks they’re a great investor in a market hitting new highs.

Some investors really do deserve accolades. Here’s how you tell: They consistently outperform by a wide margin over five or ten years.

Take Ken Broad and his team at the Jackson Square SMID-Cap Growth Fund JSMVX, +0.16% for example. It’s up 13.9% over five years compared to 10% for its Russell 2500 benchmark R25I, -0.24% It also outperforms by three percentage points over 10 years.

How do they do it? And more importantly, what can we learn from them? Here are six lessons and five stocks to get you started.

Read the full article at MarketWatch.

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