Our #1 Biotech Stock to Buy Right Now

Major investors have begun funneling hundreds of millions into one small biotech firm.

Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, the Rockefellers, the Mayo Clinic, the world’s top doctors, and the most brilliant biomedical entrepreneurs have all backed this company (trading under $5.00 today) ahead of their upcoming release.

And after more than nine years in development, this company with 140 patents is about to unveil a revolutionary new compound being called “one of the biggest breakthroughs in history.”

When this tiny stock takes off, it’s poised to unleash $15 trillion in new wealth — for you, your family, and anyone else who gets in early.

Because when it comes to biotech, being an early investor is where the real money’s made:

  • Aquinox released positive trial data and exploded to $55.75 a share and handed investors a 3,278% return in a single day.
  • Reata Pharmaceuticals share price climbed from $46.60 to $76.55 in just a single day of trading. And three months after, it hit $92.06.
  • Amarin Corporation announced positive results and shares climbed from $2.99 to $12.40 over the next 24 hours, with a gain of 314%. Within 30 days, the stock had climbed to $22.98, with a return of 669%.

Brand new research reveals the stock ticker symbol… And why now is the perfect time to stake your claim.

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