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Biden To Introduce Social Credit System Like China?

Below is an important message from one of our highly valued sponsors. Please read it carefully as they have some special information to share with you.

Dear American,

Biden's Executive Order 14067 could pave the way for a social credit system just like China.

In China, if you say the wrong thing on social media, forget to pay a bill, or even play music too loud…

You get labelled as “untrustworthy”.

They can then take away your ability to travel…

Restrict your internet access…

And deny your family the best schools or jobs…

They can even take away your pets.

All of this is going on right now.

Thanks to Biden's new Order…

I predict we'll soon see America become a total surveillance state like China…

And a social credit system will be introduced to keep us all “in line”.

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Jim Rickards
Economist; Former advisor to Pentagon and CIA

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