Big news: Morgan predicts $130k Bitcoin!

Dear Reader,

JP Morgan says Bitcoin could hit $130,000.This is very, VERY big news …

Ex-Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal seems to think that’s way too low.

And Ark Invest — sponsor of two of the best performing tech ETFs of the past two years — expects Bitcoin’s total market cap to surpass gold’s.

Wow! To do that, Bitcoin would probably have to surpass $500,000 per coin.

These Wall Street titans are bullish for the exact same reasons we’ve been telling you about for months now.

What they’re missing is the far greater opportunities like the ones we’re going to recommend inrecent briefing on “the Next Bitcoins.

These are the types of coins that can grow so fast that it makes even Bitcoin’s growth seem like a horse-drawn buggy next to a Ferrari.

Trouble is that most investors are missing it. Even experienced crypto investors.

In fact, based on everything I see, I’d say that 99% of investors don’t even know these opportunities exist.

To help you be among the select few who learn about these opportunities early, my crypto team and I created this special briefing.

In it, we walk you through two steps to multiply your profit opportunities.

Step #1. Explore a sector of the crypto world that almost no one has ever heard of — a small group of rare, undiscovered cryptocurrencies that we believe are about to burst out of the digital shadows.

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Good luck and God bless!

Dr. Martin D. Weiss, Founder