Bitcoin Millionaire Makes Stunning Prediction

Greetings Reader,

I want to show you how to 100X your money by this time next year.

This is no joke. I have a plan in place right now that could make that happen.

But before you decide if this is right for you, I wanted to take a few minutes to quickly break my plan down…

First, what industry are we talking about exactly?

We're talking about cryptocurrencies – and more specifically, micro currencies. They're tiny digital currencies created specifically for a variety of industries around the world.

In just the last six months, some of these coins have produced returns 75X, 211X, and 5,567X greater than Bitcoin…

And these investments cost just pennies on the dollar.

What makes micro currencies such an exciting sector?

I'm predicting that a few years from now, micro currencies could be a $10 trillion market.

OK, so how could I become a millionaire by next year?

It all comes down to these two coins.

1. The first just made a major blockchain breakthrough. I get into more detail, but I'll just say that they've built a “universal translator” that makes it possible to connect thousands of microcurrency networks together…

Right now, they're trading for around $10 – and I see them soaring 50X more than Bitcoin in the next six months.

2. The second coin could be even bigger because it's already transforming a $3.8 billion e-commerce industry. I call it the PayPal of Asia…

And once it hits the U.S. (which should be soon), I'm expecting it to 100X Bitcoin's returns for the rest of the year. So you should grab it while it's still trading for $5.

That's just a brief explanation.

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To Your Success,

Tom Gentile
America's #1 Pattern Trader