Breaking: Biden’s American Energy Armageddon Underway

Dear patriotic American,

Every American is about to suffer from what I believe are 2 colossal Democrat blunders…

1. Calamity Joe Biden's Nord Stream bombing [My Evidence Here]…

…will cause a historic energy crisis for Americans.

(Expect blackouts, fuel shortages, empty shelves, and $1000 energy bills.)


2. AOC's “Green New Deal” will be exposed as the ultimate SCAM…

These 2 Dem mistakes will plunge our country into an Energy Armageddon.

The crisis will begin this winter.

In fact, much of it is already underway.

While you can…

See my urgent warning here now.

Jim Rickards
Former CIA & Pentagon Advisor

P.S. Most Americans will suffer this winter. But a few will WIN big from the turmoil. Here's how to be one of them.

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