Elon Musk: “Never seen anything like it”

Dear Reader,

This has happened quietly…

But as we speak… Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all teaming up.

And they're scrambling to get in front of the largest screwup in the history of the tech industry.

Millions of innocent Americans are at risk of being destroyed by this.

As one tech analyst puts it, “Everyone is in crisis, and it is getting worse.”

Elon Musk says he has “Never seen anything like it.”

The White House is “racing” to respond.

Congress is rushing billions of dollars out the door to stem the bleeding.

Yet… while Big Tech and the US government are in a panic…

A select group of Americans isn't worried at all.

In fact, they're preparing for the trade of a lifetime.

Because they know the last time anything close to this happened, investors who acted fast snatched gains as high as 2,900% in one year… 3,700%… and even over 9,000%.

What is this “screw up”? And how could it be so profitable–yet so dangerous–at the same time?

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Van Bryan

Editorial Director, Brownstone Research

P.S. Please understand… at the same time, those large gains were happening for a select few… those who weren't prepared lost 90% of their wealth in one of the seemingly “strongest” investments in U.S. history. This is what has Big Tech and our government up in arms. And this is why it’s so important you learn how to get on the right side of this right now and avoid the wrong side–while you still have time. Click here to learn more.