Expert Warns U.S. Pentagon: “New Panic Is Coming”

A longtime Wall Street expert recently issued a public warning at the Harvard Club in Cambridge, Mass.

There's a financial disaster coming to America in 2023,” he says.

Professor Joel Litman has already shared his warning with 200 top institutions, the FBI, and the U.S. Pentagon, where he was invited to speak.

“Few people realize this could actually happen on U.S. soil,” he says. “Or what a sizable impact it could have on your wealth, especially if you have large amounts of cash in the bank right now.”

Litman is best known for exposing fraud. Of the 57 companies he has exposed for potential wrongdoing, 38 went bankrupt or fell by more than half on the stock market within months of his analysis, with many plummeting to almost $0. He also warned of a market crash in early 2020.

But today, he is now urging you to move your money out of cash and popular stocks and into a safe haven Wall Street has tried to hide from the public.

“The last time we saw these conditions, back in 2020, Litman urged his clients to seek refuge in this investment, and saw a 123% average gain,” says a new report by a Harvard Business School professor.

Click here for the full story, and his free recommendation for 2023.

Rob Spivey, CFA
Director of Research, Altimetry

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