2020’s Hottest Income Plays

Income Play #1 – SDIV and PFF
Dividend Stocks That Will Keep Paying

When markets are volatile, the share prices of companies naturally fall. But their dividends stay the same.

In other words, you now have the opportunity to get more dividends for each dollar you invest.

The Global X SuperDividend ETF (SDIV) is one example. This ETF invests in 100 of the companies around the world that are stable and liquid, and have the highest dividend yields.

Right now, the SDIV pays out a dividend of 9.49% – a record high for the ETF, and much more than this panicked market is likely to give even the best investor.

Another option is to invest in preferred shares. A preferred share is a kind of stock, but it generally pays a much higher dividend, but has a more stable price.

Preferred shares generally suffer when interest rates go up. As interest rates climb, yields on bonds, and so investors buy bonds and abandon preferred shares.

But with the Fed’s emergency cut to interest rates, and with the economic pain likely to continue for months, interest rates are likely to stay low for long. They may even go down further.

The best way to invest in preferred shares is the iShares Preferred & Income Securities ETF (PFF). The ETF, which has a good history of returns, currently yields 5.24%, and should generally be more stable than most stocks.

Income Play #2 – CVS and CLX
Stocks That Will Make Money Throughout This Crisis

Most people who catch the new Coronavirus don’t need to go to the hospital. But even mild symptoms will require painkillers and tissues. And as everyone is panicking, the sales of disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and so on are rising.

That’s why even amid this market rout, pharmacy chain CVS Health Corp. (CVS) and disinfectant brand The Clorox Co. (CLX). CVS is already the leading drugstore in the U.S., with profits and revenues expected to grow for years on the back of its HealthHUB initiative. CVS Health pays an annual dividend of $2.00 per share, with a dividend yield of 3.19%.

This plan turns pharmacies into urgent care clinics open on nights and weekends, where some minor illnesses and chronic conditions can be managed. These clinics may also see increased revenues once the coronavirus outbreak spreads here in the U.S. in earnest.

The success of HealthHUBs made 2019 a great year for CVS, and once the market rout is over, it will continue to do so.

Clorox, meanwhile, has held up better than most stocks in the first two months of 2020, as traders expect an increase in sales of the company’s trusted disinfectants. Once that shows up in the company’s numbers, the stock will soar.

Editor’s Note: For a more speculative play, consider buying calls on CVS and CLX. This carries much higher risk but comes with the potential to make money faster when their share prices rise, compared to buying the stock.

Income Play #3 – The Extra Income Project
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