How The FED Won The Election…

Dear Reader,

A radical mandate declared by a group of 12 unelected officials…

That's all it took for the fate of the markets to be sealed.

For some, it will turn into the greatest wealth-building opportunity we'll ever see in our lifetime.

MarketWatch1 says this will “keep the stock market rising.”

CNBC2 reports that the few times it happened in the past it “led to boom times for stocks.”

This time around the DOW could skyrocket.

As Motley Fool suggests, “A near-quadrupling in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a very real possibility.”

But those who are unprepared will miss this massive new bull cycle.

Because it's all happening beneath the surface.

In fact, right now, an influx of money the likes of which nobody has ever seen before is flooding the stock market.

Yet, nobody's talking about it.

And it's already starting to drive stock valuations to record highs.

Don't get left behind.

Watch this video briefing before it's too late!


Jon Markman, Editor
The Power Elite