How the Super-Rich Protect Their Money From Times Like These

“Steve, you can't buy kilo bars of gold in Europe right now… not even if your life depends on it.”

Yikes! That's how my conversation with Van Simmons started earlier this month.

It was the same when I spoke to him in March. I told DailyWealth readers that there was no gold, and it was time to think about adding precious metals to your portfolios.

The situation hasn't changed…

“My clients have asked, and my suppliers are clear. Nobody is selling,” Van continued. “Just a few weeks ago I could go to Europe, and I'd be able to get 20 to 50 kilo bars at a time… Now it's all dried up.”

This situation is crazy enough. But as I'll explain today and tomorrow, there's more to the story.

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Let's get started…

Van is the man to talk to when it comes to coins and collectibles.

He's spent decades studying rare coins, gold, and darn near everything collectible. His knowledge seems endless. And even though I've known him for more than a decade, it catches me off guard every time we speak.

He remembers all the coins and their grades… their prices… how many were made… how many are on the market… how many he has owned over the years… and the history of their minting.

Simply put, he has a gift when it comes to collectibles. And that gift, combined with decades of hard work, has led to incredible success.

Today, Van's clients include billionaires… and people so prestigious he can't disclose their names.

The level of trust he has built up with these high-end clients should get your attention. And fortunately for us, we're able to get his insights into what they're doing today.

Right now, they're scared. But what they're fearful of might surprise you.

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You see, billionaires and the ultra-wealthy aren't just fearful of the COVID-19 crisis that's unfolding right now. They're afraid of the next crisis.

And here's the crazy part… The next crisis is what most of us will think of as the recovery.

That's because billionaires have different goals than most investors. They're focused not just on wealth creation… but also wealth preservation. And for that reason alone, you need to pay attention to what they're doing today.

For them, managing their fortunes is like being the captain of a mega yacht. It's smooth sailing when you have a tailwind. But sail into a headwind by mistake, and it's going to cost you in fuel and time.

Today, the choice is more important than ever. We're in stormy conditions. And you get one chance to choose which way to point your yacht.

In real-world terms, this means making sure you protect what you have… not just from the initial crisis, but also from the decisions the government makes during the “recovery.”

Van told me that his high-end clients are turning to precious metals and collectibles as a way to avoid the next crisis. I recommend you do the same.

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Tomorrow, I'll explain exactly why this makes sense… and why the billionaires are so worried about what's coming.

Good investing,


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