How to buy the hottest cryptos at a discount

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This is the method I learned from savvy crypto analysts on my team to buy the hottest up-and-coming cryptos for up to 99.2% less than most other investors pay. In my urgent crypto briefing, I reveal examples of our exclusive early-bird crypto buying method in action.

With this dramatically lower price, investors could have multiplied their profit potential by up to 125x!

All with no options, margin, or debt of any kind.

Take a look at just how much more money our early-bird buying method could have made you, compared to the common way of buying crypto:

  • In July of 2020, you could have bought crypto called Synthetix (SNX) for $2.82 and watched it grow to about $26.50. That’s more than 9 times your money.
  • You could have bought another red-hot crypto called Chainlink (LINK) for $2.21. Then, you could have watched it soar all the way to $27.50. That’s more than 12 times your money.
  • Or consider yearning finance (YFI). It enjoyed one of the biggest price surges of them all. On Aug. 10, 2020, you could have bought YFI on Coinbase for $4,106. Then, 33 days later, it reached a peak closing price of $43,338 — a 955% gain. That’s about 10 times your money.

These are the results you’d get from buying those cryptos the “normal” way.

Impressive? Sure.

But these gains pale in comparison to the gains that were possible using our early-bird method.

  • Instead of paying $2.82 for Synthetix, this method could have let you buy it for just 48 cents.
    Result: A 9x gain turns into a 55x gain!
  • Ditto for Chainlink. Instead of paying $2.21, you could have bought it for just 22 cents.
    Result: A 12x gain turns into a 125x gain!
  • And instead of paying $4,106 for yearn. finance, you could have gotten in on the ground floor for just $34.55.
    Result: A 10x gain turns into a 1,250x gain!

Now, with Bitcoin surging again … and with the undiscovered cryptos expected to surge even faster, we believe the time is now to go for these kinds of trades.

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Here’s why our crypto experts believe the timing is so critical …

Big-cap cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are already making new, all-time highs.

Once they do, the smaller cryptos I named in this email — and three others that I tell you about in my video — are likely to appreciate far more quickly than the big caps.

That’s what happened in every prior bull market … and that’s what I think is going to happen in this bull market, too.

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Good luck and God bless!

Dr. Martin D. Weiss, Founder