How to Play the End of a Bull Market

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the March 2009 stock market bottom. While there are few signs that the next bear market is imminent, there are a growing number of indications that the bull market is maturing. U.S. economic growth is slowing and analysts are expecting corporate earnings to be nearly flat in the first half of 2019. There’s still money to be made investing, but the strategies that have worked for the past decade may no longer be the best approach. Wells Fargo recently recommended the following seven ways investors can tame the aging bull.

Go international.

One common mistake concerned investors make during the late stages of a bull market is leaving money on the table by exiting stocks. Analyst Peter Donisanu says late-stage bull market investors should diversify internationally. “We believe international markets may not be as far along in their economic and stock market cycles as the U.S. is,” Donisanu wrote last year. Specifically, Wells Fargo said the economic growth cycles in Europe and Japan have lagged the beginning of the U.S. cycle by as much as five years and could continue to rally even if the U.S. market stalls.

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