“Imperium” Technology Is Growing 5X Faster Than The Internet

A stunning breakthrough in biological engineering is now set to reshape global industries worth a total of $64 trillion

This technology is so revolutionary, it’s poised to decimate Big Pharma’s obscene profits, make many diseases obsolete, and hand the United States a strategic advantage in the next decade.

In fact, the U.S. government has a total of 10 agencies working on it… including DARPA — the military’s advanced technology program that invented the internet…

And America’s billionaires are going “all in” with massive investments.

The use of this technology is predicted to explode by nearly 200,000% in the next four years alone, growing 5x faster than the internet in the 1990s.

One billionaire is already calling this “one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century”…

So there’s no time to waste…

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