Oil Price Surge Coming – Get Ready

Fellow American,

I'll be honest…

I've been on Wall Street for more than 40 years, and I've never seen an oil market like this.

Right now, the oil sector is outperforming the NASDAQ…

The S&P…

And the Dow…

Oil companies are bragging about massive revenue surges…

And here's the craziest part – what we're seeing today is just the start.

Thanks to a convergence of 3 unique market conditions, I believe oil could soar past $180 this year.

RBC Capital Markets is even saying we could see oil reach $200 a barrel!

Which is why it's critical to be holding the right oil plays now.

I just named an oil stock that I believe could soar 10x thanks to the conditions ahead…

This company has access to some of the most lucrative oil fields in America.

Just click here to get that recommendation today.


Louis Navellier
Senior Investment Analyst, InvestorPlace

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