PhD Explains Today’s Volatility In Two Words

If you’re alarmed by the recent market swings…

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Millions of investors are paralyzed with fear right now.

And the mainstream financial media is calling for a big pullback – or worse, another crash.

But one man is standing apart from the crowd.

He’s a former hedge fund manager and Finance PhD whose work is followed by over 500,000 people.

His name is Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. And he has an urgent message for Americans who are worried about stocks right now.

“The stock market is about to see a massive shift – but it’s not what you might expect… And if you don’t act  now, you’ll miss out on the biggest money-making opportunity in two decades.”

His new prediction reveals the truth about why stocks are going haywire right now – a story that no one in the media is telling.

If you want to protect yourself during these market swings… and position yourself for possible gains, you need to see this as soon as possible.

You’ll also hear the name and ticker symbol of a stock that actually jumped over 40% while the markets crashed in March. the crash in March.

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