Projections Show Growing Demand For Electric Vehicles

With the stock market’s V-shaped recovery well underway, critics are concerned that the market doesn’t reflect the state of the economy.

What they fail to see is that the force driving the stock market isn’t an economic recovery.

It’s the Great American Reset.

The majority of economic data, such as unemployment rates and gross domestic product, are lagging indicators that reflect what already happened.

On the other hand, the stock market is a leading indicator that reflects expectations of the future.

Ian King and I realize that the Great American Reset is paving the way for new technology and will change the world as we know it, handing investors huge profits.

One mega trend we see at the forefront of this era is the mass emergence of electric vehicles (EVs).

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As Ian mentioned in his article last week, EVs could be the most important transportation upgrade in the last 100 years.


Despite a grim picture for overall vehicle sales in 2020 due to COVID-19, our prediction that EVs will soon overtake gas-powered vehicles is stronger than ever.

Demand for EVs is expected to fare better in 2020 for every vehicle segment. In fact, electric commercial truck and bus sales are expected to grow in 2020:

(source: BloombergNEF’s Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020)

Double-digit growth projections for electric commercial trucks suggest that businesses are focused on staying relevant during the Great American Reset, both in the U.S. and globally.

Companies recognize that the growth of e-commerce is driving demand for efficient logistics solutions, which electric trucks offer. This is why Amazon spent $700 million to buy 100,000 electric trucks from EV startup Rivian last year.

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Commercial trucks aren’t the only vehicle segment that will register major growth, though.

Projections for U.S. new vehicle sales suggest the demand for EVs will grow rapidly over the coming decades:

(source: BloombergNEF)

But Ian King and I think growth will be much higher.

Being a game-changing technology during the Great American Reset, we believe EVs could account for all of the new vehicle sales by 2030.


The EV boom is just one of the handful of tipping-point trends that will emerge during the Great American Reset.

Ian and I are showing our subscribers how to capitalize on them in our Automatic Fortunes service.

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