“Something WORSE Than A Crash Is Coming”

The man who stood up at the New York City CFA Society in 2008 and warned about a crash has a new prediction.

“The next few months will be a financial disaster,” he now says.

But here's the thing…

He's not predicting a stock crash, a dollar crisis, or anything of the kind.

Instead, he has a much more peculiar warning for 2023.

You might not agree with his analysis.

But ignoring him could be your costliest mistake of 2023. In fact, he was invited to speak about this at the Harvard Business Club to a packed audience. Even the U.S. Pentagon has invited him to share his evidence.

Call him a “crackpot” if you want…

But this guy's vision of America could soon be reality.

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Rob Spivey, CFA
Director of Research, Altimetry

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