Tech Legend Says a New Trade Could Beat His Last 816% Winner…

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Jeff Brown is easily one of the world’s most powerful tech insiders…

>> He publicly called Bitcoin before it shot up 27,000%… Tesla before it surged 1,400%… and NVIDIA before it spiked 3,000%…

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>> He was a former high-level executive at Qualcomm (the $163 billion giant) and The President of NXP Semiconductors Japan…

>> He’s also a tech angel investor with over 250 deals under his belt and gains as high as 128X his investment!

But Jeff Brown is now calling out one of the biggest announcements of his 30-year career…

The creation of the world’s most disruptive technology called: “M.T.A”

And trillion-dollar tech companies are racing to dominate to it:

Google has a global $270 billion project leveraging “M.T.A”

Facebook announced they’re shifting their entire trillion-dollar company to be an “M.T.A” company.

Microsoft says they’re “uniquely positioned” and acquiring secretive patents on “M.T.A.” technology.

The point is clear… all the world’s most valuable companies are in a historic tech race to bring “M.T.A.” to the masses.

Tech giants have already acquired over 100,000 patents on M.T.A. in the last few years… gearing up the massive rollout we are just starting to see…

Graphic 48: Model Graph

The question is, are you ready to find out what may become the biggest tech story in history?

You may be shocked out when you find out what “M.T.A.” is.

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Van Bryan
Editorial Director, Brownstone Research