Tesla on the Buy List? Yes, Really

As heated as the stock market has been over the past decade, value investors might not feel like there's a good deal to be had out there. Moreover, the concept of what true value investing means has evolved over the years. So while you may not be able to find dollar bills selling for pennies, there are still high-quality business to be found, trading for a nice discount to fair value.

To help you get started finding the next value stock for your portfolio, we asked three of our most-seasoned contributors to put forth their ideas for value today, and they came back with Axos Financial (NYSE: AX), Vipshop (NYSE: VIPS), and — you may want to sit down for this one — Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).

Axos and Vipshop? Yep, those look quite cheap based on some pretty easy-to-identify metrics. But Tesla? We're pretty sure Steve Symington is rational, at least based on his track record. Don't worry — we had someone check in on him, and he's fine, despite the, ahem, interesting suggestion that Tesla's a value stock. Moreover, he makes a compelling case, and with skin in the game after recently buying shares, he does, at least as far as we know, believe his own thesis.

Read the full article at Yahoo Finance.

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