The 3 Best Alt-Coins to Buy Now

In 2020, Bitcoin went from just under $6,963 to almost $29,196, for a gain of more than 319%!

Then, in the first week of 2021 alone, Bitcoin surged by over 40% to $41,357.

Those gains are bigger and faster than most of the work-from-home tech wonders, online retail companies, or biotech stocks that the mainstream media keeps harping on about.

But even Bitcoin can’t hold a candle to its “alt-coin” cryptocurrency cousins…

See, Bitcoin may have been the first cryptocurrency when it launched in 2009, but it’s far from the only one. Some of these later crypto coins, known as “alt-coins,” use better technology, have more uses…

And, most importantly, they’re growing much, much faster.

To take just one example, one of the most popular alt-coins surged by 460% in 2020 – that’s 141 percentage points more than Bitcoin!

Now, don’t worry! it’s not too late to get in, because this alt-coin rally doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near over.

Unlike in the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, this time investment firms, hedge funds, and banks are piling into cryptocurrency just as bank regulators across the world are allowing financial institutions to make use of the revolutionary technology.

To help you get the highest gains off this alt-coin boom, here are the 3 best alt-coins to buy today:

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  1. Ethereum (ETH) – up 460% in 2020

Launched in 2015 as a platform for decentralizing finance, Etherium is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and for good reason.

See, Etherium is a favorite among the big institutional investors, such as banks, hedge funds, and investment managers, who started flooding into cryptocurrencies in 2020. That’s because the Etherium platform is built not as an alternative to traditional currencies, like Bitcoin, but as a platform to help make the financial system faster, easier to use, more secure – and eliminate its gatekeepers.

Etherium does that through its “smart contracts.” These are small, automatic computer programs that run on the Etherium blockchain and execute pre-arranged transactions when specific terms have been met.

For example, a company borrowing money from a bank could write a smart contract that would automatically return the money when it’s due, pay the interest in the meantime, and trigger a default if the company’s Etherium-wallet became too small.

And because “smart contracts” are automated, both parties can trust that the other won’t try to cheat them. It’s as if the financial contract itself was given life by Etherium, eliminating the need for third-party gatekeepers that oversee the system to make sure contracts aren’t broken.

Etherium is also much faster and easier to use than Bitcoin, and even outpaced Bitcoin in 2020, growing 460% to Bitcoin’s 319%.

And that trend has kept going in 2021 too, partly because many of the most popular alt-coins around are based on the Etherium platform. As demand for those cryptocurrencies booms, so does demand for Etherium, pushing its price even higher, giving you more bang for your buck.

You’ll find Etherium in your crypto-trading app under the symbol ETH.

  1. OMG Network (OMG) – up 1,100% in 2020

OMG Network was founded in 2013 using the Etherium platform, with the goal to bring the speed, security, and transparency of cryptocurrencies to people and businesses that can’t easily use traditional banks.

As an addon to Etherium, OMG actually boasts even faster transaction speeds and even lower fees. That’s crucial in the developing world, especially, where people rely on cell-phone providers to handle transactions, because banks are few and far between and can’t always be trusted. But cell-phone providers can be problematic too, and still rely on the slow banking system.

With a team of 50 developers all over the world, the company behind OMG has already partnered with McDonald’s Thailand and Japanese bank Credit Saison, and was acquired on December 4, 2020 by Hong Kong-based OTC trading firm Genesis Block, a leader in cryptocurrency investing.

These partnerships and connections bode very well for OMG, which already spiked from about $0.5 to $6 per coin in 2020, before coming down a bit. That gives you a great entry price.

You’ll find OMG Network in your crypto-trading app under the symbol OMG.

  1. Litecoin (LTC) – up 195% in 2020

Think of Litecoin as “Bitcoin, but better.” This alt-coin was specifically created by former Google employee Charlie Lee to be 4 times faster in handling transactions, have lower transaction fees, and to make mining the cryptocurrency faster.

And it’s worked, with the number of merchants accepting Litecoin currently above 2,200 by one count and growing rapidly. As that number grows, so will the value of Litecoin.

In 2020 alone, Litecoin surged more than 195%, and more is coming in 2021.

This alt-coin is also known as “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” in reference to how the silver prices and gold prices tend to move in tandem. Similarly, the price of Litecoin will tend to move in the same direction as the price of Bitcoin, allowing cryptocurrency investors to get out ahead of or catch up on moves in one by investing in the other.

Combine that with its popularity and ease of use, and Litecoin is a clear winner. 

You’ll find Litecoin in your crypto-trading app under the symbol LTC.