The $4 Stock Disrupting a $1.2 Trillion Dollar Industry

Dear Reader,

I'm going to level with you: This is one of the biggest opportunities I've come across in over a decade of energy investing.

Late last year, a discovery was made in a secret Army research lab that could completely reinvent the energy industry as we know it.

The lab discovered a method to produce endless clean energy.

That's not an exaggeration — the energy comes from the most abundant element known to man and creates zero pollution!

It's such a big deal that oil titans like Exxon and BP are investing billions in it, alongside the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart, and Samsung.

This tiny $4 company is at the center of a tidal wave of a wealth that's building up for the coming energy revolution.It manufactures the special batteries needed to generate “endless clean energy.”

It's already partnered with Audi, Siemens, and multiple branches of the U.S. military.

Within the next few years, every Fortune 500 company that you can think of will be knocking down its door to get those batteries.The company is growing incredibly quickly.

So, I urge you to at least learn about it before this ground floor opportunity disappears.

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Keith Kohl
Investing Manager, Energy Investor