The $4 Stock Poised to Soar Thanks to 14x Demand

The $4 Stock Poised to Soar Thanks to 14x Demand

14x demand creates incredible opportunity

Over the next decade, as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases from around 10 million today to as much as 145 million – ONE material is going to be in higher demand than anything else.

More than lithium. And more than cobalt.

It's the most important component of an electric vehicle battery…

That's why Bloomberg estimates demand for this material is likely to increase 14-fold by 2030.

And right now, this ONE $4 stock is uniquely positioned to benefit the most from this soaring demand.

It's my absolute No. 1 way to play the long-term rise of electric vehicles.

I explain everything you need to know in this short update.


Bill Shaw
Editor, Stansberry Research

P.S. When this resource had a similar shortage 20 years ago, investors had the chance to make 20-30x their money in just a few years. That's why I think everyone needs to get the facts on this market and learn about my favorite $4 stock right away.