The 5 Tech Giants of the Post-Covid World

Dear Reader,

The vaccine is handing Americans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

No one has a crystal ball…

But right now, we have a clear idea of how the world is going to look in a year – after the pandemic.

Yes, a successful vaccine will wipe out many “stay-at-home” fad stocks.

But not all of them….

A few of these companies will become the tech giants of the next decade.

This is a perfect setup for you…

The chance to position your portfolio correctly – ahead of time – is an opportunity you may never get again.

Because not everything will go back to normal once Covid-19 has gone away.

Some of the changes we made during the pandemic will stick.

In the last year, we’ve undergone a massive shift in habits.

The Internet has taken over our lives.

10 years of consumer adoption was accomplished in three months. 

Now, here’s the thing most people haven’t figured out yet.

The new Internet-based economy is not temporary.

This “new normal” is going to have decades-long repercussions for our society.

And its creating the largest wealth shift in American history.

If you know where to move your money as soon as possible…

You could make a killing in the permanent post-Covid economy.

Because there are 3 pandemic habits that will not change – even after we’ve gotten a vaccine.

These three habits could create trillions of dollars in wealth.

And the winners of this trend will be the stock market giants of the next decade.


Joel Litman

Chief Investment Strategist

Altimetry Research

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