The Photo Beijing Doesn’t Want You To See

By now I'm sure you are well aware of the balloon launched by China with unknown surveillance technology to collect data over U.S. soil.

You've probably seen the photo below numerous times already:

The spy balloon hovered across the country for an entire week until Biden finally shot it down.

However, the next photo is the one you should be more concerned with.

The photo above is from 2018.

Another Chinese balloon, however the payload this time is scarier.

Those pointy things? Those are Chinese Hypersonic Missiles.

It's clear that China is planning something…

China's hypersonic missiles are so deadly that it can strike targets over 1,000 miles away…

And travels FIVE TIMES FASTER than the speed of sound!

That means you could fire one of these missiles from New York City and hit a target in Miami in less than 12 minutes.

And as it stands, we have zero protection against it…

Except for ONE defense firm and its revolutionary tech.

Click here like your life depends on it, because it very well could…

Fight on,

Jason Simpkins
Investment Director, Secret Stock Files

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