The Real Reason Stocks Are Tanking Under Biden

Dear Reader,

Last week was the worst week for stocks since June, 2022.

The down market that began last year has continued right into 2023.

And most investors believe they know why.

40-year highs in inflation… runaway government spending… an energy crisis sparked by war… rising interest rates… and now a potential banking crisis.

But I'm writing to you today because something MUCH bigger is going on.

The media is missing (or potentially ignoring) the real reason stocks are tanking under Biden.

There is a growing phenomenon that is radically altering the stock market right now… perhaps permanently.

And it threatens to eliminate trillions in investor wealth.

As the CEO of one of the biggest IPOs of all-time says, “it's not just ruining companies… it's dividing our country to a breaking point.”

It's for this reason that I am making big changes to my stock recommendations going forward.

I'm alerting my readers to get completely out of one group of stocks… and shift into another set of investments immediately.

There are three specific steps I am suggesting right away to protect yourself from what lies ahead.

I've outlined everything I'm suggesting in this brand new video.

I suggest you watch as soon as you can.

Good investing,

Alex Green Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club

P.S. The phenomenon I'm talking about could be directly responsible for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

And many more company failures could be on the way.

I explain exactly what's going on right here.

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