The real reason you’re losing trades

It all has to do with this weird “glitch”

Dear Reader,

Want to know the real reason most people lose money with trading systems?

It’s not because the “guru” is a greedy huckster selling shiny objects and fairy tales (although maybe that too…)

It’s actually because of this weird “glitch” most of them don’t even know exists.

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And hey, if you’ve been burned by other financial newsletters before, I totally get it…

I’ve been in this industry for a decade and some of the stuff people say in their marketing is crazy.

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Here’s a letter from Andy D. who said…
“I have also been playing the market for a long time (stocks since 1961 and options since 2000) and have made and lost a lot of money during these 46 years. I have subscribed to dozens of financial newsletters during the past ten years, usually with poor results. I am happy to say that you have supplied a good percentage of winners with [This Strategy]Since starting my subscription in November my portfolio is up 46%, a darn good return for only four months.

Keep up the good work.

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Chris Rowe
CEO of True Market Insiders