The Robotic Revolution

What if I told you we may not be too far off from The Six Million Dollar Man? The truth is we aren't, and you can profit from this cyborg revolution.

Robotics is an exploding industry. It's expected more than $66 billion will be spent in the robotics sector by 2025. The medical industry in particular will change completely thanks to robotics.

The future is now, and here's why…

Take bionic prosthetics for example. Imagine robotic limbs that can be controlled with your brain. Well, you don't have to. That technology is already here…

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The most advanced robotic limb known to the public is Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL). It's currently being tested on a Floridian man, and the arm is completely controlled by his thoughts.

Unfortunately, this technology isn't cheap. DARPA's MPL costs more than $120 million. And the most advanced commercially available prosthetic limbs will run you around $20,000…

That's where tech startup Open Bionics comes in. It's attempting to bring robotic limbs to the masses. Its 3D-printed hands aren't nearly as advanced as DARPA's tech, but they're affordable and work. Already these limbs have changed lives.

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