The tech story you’re missing

Stocks in this sector are spiking

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In recent months, well-known tech companies like Nvidia and Unity Software have suddenly soared in value.

Nvidia is up as high as 184% since March, and Unity is up as much as 146% since May.

And Qualcomm stock recently spiked as much as 54%, hitting an all-time high of $189.

But here’s the thing: While many Americans are still investing their money into trends like electric cars, blockchain technology, and even 5G…

Big Tech has a raging obsession with a new technology that’s already worth $48 billion and is growing 893 times faster than the internet.

This is why former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson recently put together a full analysis of this new megatrend.

Even better, this analysis reveals Tilson’s #1 favorite stock to take advantage of this opportunity.

There’s no e-mail address, credit card, or subscription required to access Tilson’s analysis or to learn his #1 stock pick.

To see his full analysis and get his #1 stock pick to take advantage of this situation, simply click here…


Sam Latter,
Editor in Chief, Empire Financial Research

P.S. Nearly all of the top 50 tech firms in the world are fighting tooth and nail to control this new technology. Yet, many folks don’t even know what’s truly unfolding. Get the full story here.