This Massive Trend Equals Massive Profit

There’s a big change coming. And it’s going to affect the device you use most often.

Right now, the population has been stuck indoors for what seems like an eternity… maybe longer. Who can tell anymore?!

And for the most part, our eyes have been bouncing from one screen to another – from our tablets to our TVs to our computers… and back again.

But no device has proven to be a more important tether than our smartphones.

If we’re not endlessly scrolling through memes, reading funny comments on articles, pulling up informative YouTube videos or playing time-wasting games, we’re calling or video chatting, texting, or answering emails.

Our entire worlds are largely anchored to a single device. And this device is about to get a serious upgrade.

5G phones are on the horizon.

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And they’re going to be packing oodles of power. More specifically, many top-of-the-line 5G phones will boast DRAM memory and NAND long-term storage chips that rival those of desktop computers.

That’s a windfall for companies like Micron Technology (Nasdaq: MU).

Over the past three years, memory chip sales for smartphones have surged 30%. And one of the prime beneficiaries has been Micron. In fact, despite a sluggish 2019, the chipmaker has seen its mobile revenue more than double from 2016’s numbers to $6.4 billion last year.

And in its recent second quarter, its mobile segment brought in $1.26 billion, or 26.25% of Micron’s revenue. Meanwhile, DRAM represented 64% of sales with NAND accounting for 32%.

This company is devoted to the growth of memory technologies. And these technologies are a necessity for 5G.

Now, many experts are forecasting that one of the impacts from the pandemic will be a robust upgrade cycle from consumers. We’re sitting face-to-face with our smartphones all day, every day. And a lot of people are realizing that they want more.

I’m talking high-resolution photos and video, improved gaming performance, and better streaming. All of these are promised in the next-gen phones.

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Already, 5G handsets account for 40% of handset sales in China.

And Micron is projecting worldwide 5G handset sales will top 450 million units next year. On top of that, the company believes 5G alone will account for 15% annual growth in DRAM and 30% growth in NAND for the next several years.

That means there’s a lot of upside for the chipmaker.

Needham & Co. has a price target of $63 for Micron’s shares. That’s a 26% gain from where they’re currently trading, around $50.

I’m sure most of us don’t think more selfies need to be snapped. But who doesn’t want more high-definition cat photos and videos?

Whether you’re looking forward to this smartphone upgrade or not doesn’t matter. Investors can position themselves to profit off this massive trend.

The outlook for Micron shares gets brighter with each passing day… and each simulated shutter sound from our smartphones.

Here’s to high returns,


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