This Weird Device Is A Potential Millionaire-maker

Imagine growing $1,000 into $110,960…

It may sound too good to be true, but if you understand what's behind this strange device, you could set yourself up for exactly these kinds of gains.

That's because this invention is set to mark the end of the energy sector as we know it.

I'm talking about the death of oil, nuclear, hydrogen, and even electric vehicles.

A former NASA engineer's Vancouver-headquartered company is behind it all, and it's preparing the launch of this proprietary technology as we speak.

Insiders say this “could be one of the biggest backdoor disruptors we've seen in the energy space in years.”

And even though the mainstream financial press is still silent, I expect this innovation to be the greatest energy disruption in a century.

Shares still trade for less than $1 but with a massive announcement around the corner, prices could go parabolic any day now.

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Keith Kohl
Investment Director, Technology and Opportunity

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