Tilson’s breaks biggest stock story of 2022

Whitney Tilson’s #1 stock of 2022 (free inside)

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Investing legend Whitney Tilson has made some of the most lucrative calls in history…

  • Netflix when it was $7.78 a share (today it’s worth 8,100% more)
  • Apple at a split-adjusted $0.35 (it’s up more than 45,000% since then)
  • Amazon at $48 (it’s gone up 7,200% since)

And today, he’s going on record to talk about a new tech megatrend that he says is about to change everything.

He’s appeared twice on CBS’s 60 Minutes… met two U.S. presidents and investing legend Warren Buffett multiple times… and is considered one of the most well-connected men in finance…

Yet he believes his newest prediction will rank among his highest accomplishments.

After all, the new tech he’s about to reveal could:

  • Slash your medical bills
  • Cut your grocery spending
  • Drop your transportation costs
  • Lower your travel expenses
  • Reduce what you pay for gas

“This is a tech renaissance unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” says Tilson, “and smart investors would do well to get in front of it.”

That’s why Whitney Tilson and his team of analysts have spent the past few months digging into the full story.

And he’s posted his team’s full analysis right here.

Tilson even includes the name and ticker symbol of his favorite way to make money from this trend for free.

No email address, credit card, or subscription is needed.

Check out Whitney Tilson’s latest investigative analysis by clicking right here.


Sam Latter,
Editor in Chief, Empire Financial Research

P.S. The investigative process Tilson used to get on the inside of this red-hot story is the same process he used in breaking two major financial stories on 60 Minutes. In other words, he’s uncovered every possible angle of this story, including which stocks stand to surge as this megatrend continues to grow exponentially. Check out his findings right here.