Top 20 Living Economist Warns: You MUST Act NOW

Dear Reader,

Dr. Mark Skousen is pounding the table trying to save the retirements of everyday Americans.

The drop we've already seen in the market is just the beginning.

The stocks people depend on for their retirement will continue to fall even lower – possibly by as much as 20%, 50%, or even more.

And in some cases, everyday Americans will be forced to “give up” whatever investments they may have spent their whole lives building.

Just to break even.

It's absolutely critical you pay attention.

Because when people don't listen to Dr. Skousen's warnings…

Their portfolios pay the price.

In fact, one former billionaire who once doubted Dr. Skousen later confessed…

“I wish I listened to you.”

Because that certified billionaire who didn't heed Mark's warning… went bankrupt.

Even as recently as January of 2020… Mark issued a red alert to his readers a full two months before the biggest stock market crash since the great depression.

And right now, he's issuing his most urgent warning to date.

“We're about to see an unprecedented number of companies finally go bankrupt.”

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Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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