The Top 3 Stocks to Buy Right Now

While economic activity is falling, the tech economy keeps ticking higher.

In the case of the coronavirus crisis, it looks like the fast migration to digital systems is going to get a BIG boost.

For folks that get in now, before these tiny tech stocks are household names, there is an opportunity to experience life-changing profits.

The first stock may soon join the ranks of Apple, Google, and Starbucks… and has the potential to create America’s next wave of one-stock millionaires. People throughout 20 nations depend on their technology each and every day to work from home, shop online, download movies, send emails, post on social media, plus much more.

The second stock recently tripped a buy signal… This company holds more than 200 patents, and 500 more are pending in a technology being hailed as “the new oil.” That makes this company absolutely dominant with a technology expected to explode 18,767%. As one investment analyst commented: “Its numbers are truly mind-blowing.”

Our third stock is our top pick – For the first time, this small $8 company is about to roll out their long-awaited “Genesis” technology. According to research from the World Economic Forum, this new technology is on pace to be 32 times bigger than 5G! We’ve been tracking the stock for two years now… And 2020 is going to be the breakout year.

The prices on these hot tech stocks won’t last long, and when they take off it could happen much quicker than you’d expect.

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