Here’s the exact day to sell your stocks in 2021

Strange bursts of volatility are rattling the financial markets.

And now, some of the biggest names on Wall Street are calling for the end of this red-hot stock rally.

Brilliant financial minds like Jeremy Grantham and “The Big Short’s” Michael Burry are already preparing for a crash.

And according to a recent Bank of America survey, fund managers believe the economy has peaked – and all signs point to a bearish move ahead.

If that happens today, tomorrow, or next month…

How will it affect your wealth?

A Bankrate study reported that two out of every three American households with retirement or investment accounts did NOTHING with their money as the markets crashed in 2020…

They were simply paralyzed.

If stocks are on the cusp of another crash, millions of Americans will likely be paralyzed again.

However, small investors are finally being given a fighting chance.

Thanks to a huge new breakthrough in investment technology…

There is now a way to know – with extraordinary accuracy – the exact day to sell your stocks ahead of a market crash.

It has to do with a one-of-a-kind trading algorithm that’s used by nearly 40,000 investors to help them protect their money.

It timed the 2020 crash a week before stocks plunged 30%.

And it recently issued a new alert for the stock market that could dramatically affect your wealth in the coming weeks.

One of the analysts behind this algorithm just released a free presentation explaining exactly how it works, in plain English.

To know the exact day to sell your stocks in 2021, click here.