WARNING to All American Investors

Dear Fellow Investor,

Take a look at this picture –
taiwan strait
What you're looking at is the most dangerous waterway on earth.

It's where the military showdown between China and the U.S. is playing out. Right now. In real time.

China has one goal: take control of Taiwan.”

China's Xi Sets His Sights on Taiwan After Subduing Hong Kong.”- Bloomberg News July 7, 2020

And it's getting closer to invading Taiwan every day.

“China is Now in a Prewar Tempo of Political and Military Preparations.”- Foreign Affairs March 14, 2021

An invasion could happen any day.

“US Pacific intel chief warns of likely Chinese Military attack on Taiwan”- Washington Times July 12, 2021

The clock is ticking.

Those who aren't prepared could lose everything.Now is the time to act.

I've identified 5 investments I believe are in immediate danger.

There's a good chance you own at least one of these through a brokerage account, mutual fund, 401K, ETF or pension plan.

But you can get out of them now — before it's too late.

Get the list of risky investments here >>>

“The Buck Stops Here”

Dylan Jovine
Behind the Markets

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