Watch List: Yum China Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:YUMC), Upside Potential High

The price of Yum China Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:YUMC) went up by $0.53 now trading at $39.3. Their shares witnessed a 30.56% increase from the 52-week low price of $30.1 they recorded on 2018-09-11. Even though it is still -22.82% behind the $48.27 high touched on 2019-05-03. The last few days have been rough for the stock, as its price has decreased by -1.73% during the week. It has also performed poorly over the past three months, as it lost around -5.8% while it has so far climbed around 2.08% during the course of a year. The stock of YUMC recorded 17.21% uptrend from the beginning of this year till date. The 12-month potential price target for Yum China Holdings, Inc. is set at $50.32. This target means that the stock has an upside potential to increase by 28.04% from the current trading price.

122 institutions entered new Yum China Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:YUMC) positions, 323 added to their existing positions in these shares, 270 lowered their positions, and 49 exited their positions entirely.

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