What I Just Said to Pentagon Officials

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Joel Litman.

A few weeks ago, I was in Washington, D.C.

I was asked to speak at the Pentagon.

It was my fifth time being summoned to the most powerful and secretive building on the planet in the past year.

Why was I there?

Because top military brass wanted my forensic accounting insights on the stock market. (I've also been asked to brief folks recently at the FBI, the U.S. Marine Corp War College, and more.)

I spoke at the Pentagon about the recent market declines, of course.

I'm sure you're well aware of how digital technology companies have crashed from their lofty highs. Companies like Facebook, DocuSign, Twitter, Shopify, and many more have fallen 40%+.

But there's one thing I didn't share with these generals and admirals…

And that is: Where I believe the smart money is going next.

Very few Americans realize this right now, but big money is now headed to a subsector of the markets very few people are paying attention to.

In fact, I bet you've never even heard of it!

I'm talking about a group of companies that are behind a totally new type of breakthrough, which I believe will produce by far the biggest investment gains in the world over the next decade.

The most well-connected investors are already on board.

Larry Fink, for example, is probably the most well-connected investor on the planet. He's the head of Blackrock, the world's biggest asset manager. And Fink says this sector I'm talking about is where the next 1,000 billion-dollar companies will come from.

But again – I bet you've never even heard of this sector.

So please… for the next few minutes… I'd like for you to forget about the technologies dominating today's headlines…

Forget cryptocurrencies, 5G, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars. Forget the blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Forget NFTs, apps, space exploration, and cloud computing.

You see… these are all digital technologies, and although most investors don't realize it, they are yesterday's news.

I am 100% convinced the digital revolution as we have known it is about to get steamrolled by something even bigger – which is just now hitting an inflection point.

Today, you can be among the earliest to get in.

All the details are in my brand-new presentation, which I just posted on my company's website. You can access it totally free of charge, right here


Joel Litman
Founder, Altimetry Research

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you…

In my new presentation, I also reveal my #1 favorite stock to take advantage of this huge technological shift taking place. It's an incredible business I think you can probably buy and hold for the next decade or more. The profit potential is enormous. No e-mail, subscription, or credit card required to get my #1 pick. You can access my brand-new analysis on our website here.

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