What to Invest in After the Pandemic

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Joel Litman’s unique investigative skill has a history of uncovering the truth…

Even when it goes against what the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Like when he called the March 2020 coronavirus crash a month early… warning of the “possibility of a negative shock” in early February.

Just a few weeks later, the negative shock came… 

And the market dropped 34% in a matter of days.

Anyone who listened to Joel’s warning was prepared.

Joel called the bottom of the coronavirus crash as well.

On March 16, at the low point, Joel wrote:

“Investors are fearful today. This is the time for the ‘smart money’ to remain greedy.”

Over the next month the market rallied…

And it hasn’t looked back since.

He predicted the rise of tech superstars like Square, RingCentral and AMD… even as most experts said to avoid them.

And those who followed Joel’s recommendations could’ve made 816%, 1,560% and 2,247%, respectively.

That’s why 8 of the top 10 money managers in the world use Joel’s research.

Credit Suisse once built a whole department around his unique skill.

His uncanny knack for spotting market discrepancies has been featured on CNBC and in Forbes and Barron’s.

Joel has taught his stock market technique to future CEOs at Harvard and the Wharton business school.

In fact, former Harvard business professor John Sviokla said of Joel’s unique system:

“Unless you’re running billions of dollars and hiring the best talent, you’ll never see anything like this.”

All of Joel’s investigative work points to a massive shift in the stock market – coming as soon as the Covid vaccine takes hold.

In short, he believes the vaccine will crash one specific part of the high-flying tech bull market.

While another group of under-the-radar tech stocks soar…

You’ve been handed a rare opportunity to position yourself early.

Right now, we can practically see into the market’s future.

We’re tracking the progress of the vaccine every day.

And we know a time will come when the pandemic is over.

If you make the right moves now – ahead of time – you’ll be set up for the next 10-20 years.

That’s why Joel just issued an urgent bulletin to all Americans:

“Do this BEFORE you get the vaccine.”


Sam Latter


Altimetry Research

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