Why Did These 3 Companies Buy $4 BILLION Worth of Bitcoin?

Hello, Reader.

The world is finally starting to understand that bitcoin isn’t just “fantasy money.”

When huge companies like MicroStrategy…Tesla… and Square start buying up bitcoin…

It’s a sign that a transformative shift is happening in the cryptocurrency world.

These companies aren’t just investing pocket change either…

They’re collectively buying up BILLIONS of dollars worth of bitcoin.

MicroStrategy spent $2,918,000,000 investing in bitcoin…

Tesla invested $1,500,000,000…

And Square invested $220,000,000.

All in all, that adds up to more than $4 BILLION invested in bitcoin by these massive companies…

That’s more than the GDP of a small country like Liberia or Sierra Leone!

Why are all these companies spending so much money on bitcoin?

Do they know something that you don’t?

One of the most connected men in the crypto space thinks he may have an answer.

This bitcoin legend has been mentioned in FortuneForbes, CNN, “60 Minutes,” TED talks, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal

And he has exciting information on a once-in-a-lifetime wealth-creation event happening in the bitcoin world RIGHT NOW.

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Luke Lango

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