Why Is A Literal Genius Trader Looking At This Stock?

Imagine waking up on Monday morning before the market opens…

Your phone goes off with a special notice from 20-year market veteran and MENSA-certified genius trader, Jeff Bishop, as he shares with you his highest conviction trading idea for the week ahead – yes, his coveted “Bullseye Trade” of the week.

Your week suddenly just got a lot better ???

On your phone, you see an app alert exactly like this…

Then, as you sip your morning coffee, you read over his detailed game plan for how he wants to trade this stock – along with the exact entry/exit details he is planning and the precise option contract he wants to buy.

You scroll through the detailed email in your inbox before most traders get to work, so you can quickly get prepped on what is the most important stock to look at this week

And later in the morning, you join Jeff LIVE as he teaches more in-depth on this trade and how he wants to trade with his own real-money account:

As always, members get to see his full plan before he ever makes a trade. That's important because some of these trade ideas, like MRNA, literally exploded in front of members' eyes!

Get this…While MRNA stock made a move around $10 (pretty awesome!), bottom-to-top, the options that he alerted mooned more than 200% over a two-day period!

He took an actual $26,400 investment and turned it into $37,740 just days later!

(Actual, verified trade record)

This is why stock options are amazing!

But even when the trade ideas don't take off like that (and not all of them do), what you will learn from his training each week will be priceless.

You will walk into work (or, uh log into your Zoom meeting) to start each week feeling like the “smartest man alive.”

Pumped full of insights, insane amounts of stock market knowledge and of course

a killer trade idea.

Frankly… this is one of the best trading experiences out there, and that's no accident.

Over 41,600 people have put their trust in Jeff and his Bullseye Trades.

There is a reason it is one of the fastest-growing stock trading newsletters in the world.

Jeff pours his 20+ years of trading experience into Bullseye Trades

To deliver you his #1 kick ass trade idea for the week ahead…

Every week of the year!

That's over 50 of Jeff's BEST trading ideas (with his complete game plan for how he wants to trade) every year…

With incredible trading education…

Make sure you sign up before Jeff drops his next HUGE trade idea – it's coming very soon!

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