11x Times Better Than Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has enjoyed four bull cycles, each lasting about three years.

And in the last cycle, from the day we called the bottom in late 2018, Bitcoin rose 20.1x, enough to turn $10,000 into $208,832.

Our highest-rated coins did far better:

Ethereum rose 54x.

Cardano rose 102x.

And another one of our favorites rose 234x, enough to turn $10,000 into $2,338,746.


So, what are the big lessons to learn from this history? Here are the three I consider the most important:

Lesson #1. Don't miss the new 3-year bull cycle that has just begun. To deliberately miss it wouldn't just be a mistake. I think it would be downright foolish.

Lesson #2. Don't spur Bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin goes up less than it did in the prior cycle, no investor I know would ever complain. Nor should you. But …

Lesson #3. Also invest in the higher octave cryptos. To go for the kind of gains investors could have made in earlier bull cycles, you have to look beyond Bitcoin to the most promising alternatives.

We tell you all about them in our just-released broadcast.

We also demo how we pick what we believe to be the ideal “buy” window.”

But that window could close very quickly.

Just since we issued our first “buy” signal for this new bull market cycle, all the cryptos on our “buy” list have already risen very nicely.

For what to do now, be sure to watch our urgent broadcast before it's too late.

Good luck and God bless!

Martin Weiss

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