Analyst who “Cheated” the 2020 Crash Issues Dire Warning

Dear Reader,

In every market crash, while the masses of investors suffer…

There are the “lucky few” who seem to know exactly what to do to come out on top.

They recognize the “true cause” of the coming crash and move fast to make it work in their favor.

Today, as the stock market continues to soar higher and higher despite a faltering recovery and a resurgent pandemic…

Everybody’s wondering – what exactly will cause the next crash?

Slowing growth?


The truth is – it’s none of these things.

And if you don’t know what’s going to cause the next crash – or when it’s going to happen…

How can you possibly act to save your portfolio from devastating losses?

That’s why I’ve put together this urgent presentation exposing the “real culprit” behind the coming crash

Including how exactly it’s going to happen…

Why the market is more fragile than ever…

And most importantly – how you can “cheat” the coming crash and turn it from a portfolio destroyer into a potential wealth-building opportunity.

I encourage you to watch this sooner rather than later…

Because the evidence I’ve gathered shows the “true villain” behind this crash could make its market-killing moves as soon as mid-December

By then, it’ll already be too late…

And the best you can hope for is that you still have decades to go until retirement.

So go here now to learn how to “cheat” the next crash before it’s too late.


Keith Kaplan
CEO, TradeSmith