“Blacklist” of the worst stocks to own

Dear Reader,

Do you know what’s in your stock market portfolio?

Chances are you own one or more of these sucker stocks and aren’t even aware of it.

Most investors are shocked when they see the truth …

Because no one expects Wall Street to sell them a bill of goods.

But it happens every day.

Even the mainstream financial media is confirming how Wall Street is taking the average investor for a ride. And how they’ve been doing this for decades.

Kiplinger reports …

“Most stocks lose money. A handful of stocks is
responsible for virtually all the gains in the stock market.”

Recently, an eye-opening study from the Arizona State University School of Business reported

For nearly a century, only 4% of listed stocks have driven the entire gain in the entire stock market.

The other 96% of stocks — the ones most investors have in their portfolios — are nothing less than “sucker stocks”.

You need to know which of these “sucker stocks” are lurking in your portfolio.

Otherwise, you could be very disappointed with the meager returns you are getting now … and potentially serious losses in the future.

Bottom line: It’s up to you to clean up your portfolio and replace it with the stocks that are most likely to greatly outperform the market.

Because Wall Street is certainly not going to help you.

That’s why you need to …

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Jon Markman, Senior Analyst
Weiss Ratings