The Breakthrough “Quantum Glass” Battery

…Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution.

Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on a mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of the single-largest legal creation of wealth of the last 25 years…

.22 caliber Remington bullet

This is a .22 caliber Remington bullet flying through the air at 1,800 feet per second…

Prototype of a Quantum Glass Battery

And THIS is a prototype of a mind-blowing new type of battery insiders are calling a “paradigm shift” in energy technology…

A “forever battery” that will usher in the next great energy revolution.

Even going so far as to call it the “Jesus Battery” because the properties it exhibits are so miraculous.

Forbes calls it simply, “The battery that could change the world.”

But before I show you what happens when these two forces collide, let’s first consider these examples of folks piercing lithium-ion batteries—the best and most advanced battery on the market right now.

These are the batteries currently inside everything—smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, power tools, portable chargers… all the way up to Tesla’s electric cars, and even NASA satellites.

These images reveal that it doesn’t take much to short circuit these batteries and turn our everyday electronics — even electric vehicles — into dangerous explosive devices.

So, what happens when not one, but THREE bullets strike the world-shattering new kind of battery Fortune is calling the “Holy Grail” of energy storage?

Prototype of a Quantum Glass Battery

Not only does this battery take all three bullets to the gut like a champ—

It continues to generate power flawlessly—without skipping a beat.

ZERO fires!

ZERO explosions!

ZERO danger!

It gets better.

Here is the same bullet-ridden battery 24-hours later… ON THE SAME CHARGE — still powering this smartphone like nothing even happened.

Virtually indestructible.

But, as amazing as this is, this is NOT what makes this new type of battery so awe-inspiring.

This short demonstration offers just a TINY TASTE of something much more revolutionary…

An evolutionary leap in technology so profound — so transformative — it will likely change everything about your life — from how you get around, to how you communicate with others, even the way you think about the world.

I call it the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery.

Already, the world’s leading automotive companies are scrambling to get this technology inside their vehicles…

GM, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Nissan, and Volkswagen…

Even leading oil corporations like BP and Exxon are bracing for the impact it’s about to have on society and are now making huge investments.

So are visionary billionaires like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos…

Even the renowned inventor of the lithium-ion battery himself, Dr. John Goodenough, is throwing his full endorsement in the technology behind the groundbreaking ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery!

This is the guy who invented the battery inside everything today.

Now, he’s dropped it all to focus solely on driving forward what technology insiders say could finally set the world free from the scourge of fossil fuels.

What I’m about to reveal to you in this video is not only the most amazing development I’ve ever witnessed…

One that will surely change the world as we know it…

But for early investors, it presents the kind of money-making opportunity that could turn a tiny initial stake into an absolute fortune.

But time is of the essence.

The U.S. government is already fast-tracking its development.

They’ve classified it as a “critical need” technology — essential to the mass adoption of electric vehicles—one that could finally limit our dependence on foreign oil.

They’re allocating millions in taxpayer dollars to aid in its commercialization, including the planning of a first-ever nationwide electric car infrastructure.

Nationwide electric-car infrastructure plan

In short: This is it.

The one we’ve been waiting for.

The technology that is going to finally thrust electric and autonomous vehicles from a fledgling industry…

The rise of electric cars

Into a mainstream $3 TRILLION global juggernaut…

Here’s my prediction: Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on a mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of the single largest legal creation of wealth of the last 25 years…

You see, taking a slew of bullets to the gut like Superman is just the start of what ‘Quantum Glass’ technology can do…

When you see what else it’s capable of, you’ll probably have a hard time believing what you are seeing is real…

Fully Charges Cars in Just 60 Seconds

Already companies have begun ripping out outdated lithium-ion batteries in today’s electric and driverless vehicles and are replacing them with the ground-breaking new “Quantum Glass” Battery technology…

And the results are nothing short of earth-shattering…

According to automotive industry insiders, one creation using the “Quantum Glass” Battery technology can fully charge an electric car in as little as 60 seconds.

1-Minute Charging -MotorAuthority

New Ultra-Fast Charging Tech Could Lead to a New Age of Energy

Faster than it takes to fill a tank of gas.

Business Insider calls the charging speed, “Unprecedented.”

You’ll be on your way and ready to take on the day faster than ever before — all without the stinky mess of overpriced gasoline.

It doesn’t stop there…

Soon you’ll be able to kiss so-called “range anxiety” goodbye — the fear that an electric battery cannot take you as far as a gas tank.

Because the technology behind the “Quantum Glass” Battery pushes everything we thought we knew about energy storage to the limits…

According to insiders, consumers will be able to go 1,000 miles on a single charge…

Quantum Glass Battery

Think about that for a moment…

That’s nearly TRIPLE the distance of the best-performing electric cars on the market right now — and more than 8-TIMES farther than the average electric car…

That means you could drive from New York City all the way down to Daytona Beach, Florida, without stopping!

A 1,000-mile range clobbers even the most fuel-efficient gas vehicles on the road today!

And as if that wasn’t enough, this battery isn’t done yet…

Because this revolutionary device tackles one of the biggest problems that have plagued battery makers for years…

Have you ever noticed how current batteries are notorious for having such short lifespans?

How they barely hold a charge after just a year or two of use?

That’s because the average life of today’s lithium-ion batteries is between 300 to 500 charge cycles—that’s the number of times you can fully charge the battery before its energy storage capacity begins to degrade.

But the revolutionary new ‘Quantum Glass’ battery can be fully recharged, get this… over one hundred thousand times — without losing strength.

We’re talking about a battery that could realistically last for 150 years!

A battery that virtually NEVER needs to be replaced!

Lasts Indefinitely -International Business Times

Lasts pretty much forever -The Independent

I realize… all this might be hard for you to believe, at first.

It probably contradicts every experience you’ve ever had with batteries in the past.

After all, there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in battery technology in nearly 30 years, since the first lithium-ion batteries were introduced in Sony Camcorders all the way back in 1991.

But I assure you, no one has done more work on this subject than I have. These developments are real.

This battery is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s going to change EVERYTHING… from the way we travel and communicate to the way we think about the world.

It’s why the Atlanta Journal Constitution hails this as the breakthrough where the worlds of “fantasy and reality collide.”

And CBC News proclaims, “The wait is over. The battery revolution is here.”

And why, right now, the world’s most influential businessmen — high profile entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about getting in on big disruptive breakthroughs — are storming this red-hot technology right now, while it’s still in its infant stages…

Silicon Valley pioneer John Doerr, who famously made BILLIONS as an early backer of Amazon, AOL, Google, Netscape, and Twitter, is now fully backing the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery technology.

Tech visionary, Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems and who installed the world’s first city-wide Wi-Fi network, is going “all in” too, saying it will radically transform the way we live.

And they’re not the only ones…

In a landmark alliance being hailed as “the richest group of investors ever assembled” — the world’s most influential billionaires have joined forces to back the Quantum Glass Battery revolution…

Microsoft founder Bill Gates…

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos…

China’s richest man and Alibaba founder Jack Ma…

Saudi Royal, Alwaleed bin Talal

Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg & Dustin Moskovitz…

Bloomberg founder, Michael Bloomberg…

Virgin Group head Richard Branson…

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman

Even the “Father of the lithium-ion battery” himself, famed inventor Dr. John Goodenough, is hurling his full might behind this new battery technology…

This man is responsible for two of the most significant discoveries in our lifetime — rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and RAM memory used in virtually all of today’s computers. He was even awarded the prestigious National Medal of Science for his work.

His research confirms the era of the lithium-ion battery, even dirty fossil fuels, may finally be over, thanks to the “Quantum Glass” Battery…

Why Electric Cars Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Electric Vehicles on the Road are Set to Triple in Two Years

Already, behind the scenes, the world’s biggest automakers are inking blockbuster deals to get this new type of battery into their fleets as soon as possible—General Motors… Ford… Toyota… BMW… Volkswagen… Honda… Mitsubishi… Mercedes… Nissan… Hyundai… Audi… and Porsche… just to name a few.

These automotive giants are ready to unload millions of electric vehicles on the global car market in the next several years.

GM, for one, has committed to completely ditching gas and diesel-powered vehicles…

Volkswagen, the largest automaker in the world, is going all-in on all-electric cars, planning to be majority electric by 2022.

Even truck heavyweight Ford is investing $11 BILLION in electrification, with Chairman Bill Ford saying, “We’re all in now.” Audi’s new PB e-tron electric car, which is now ready for production, will be equipped with you guessed it… ‘Quantum Glass’ battery technology,

To the world’s biggest automakers, the writing is on the wall.

It’s either embrace the revolution or become obsolete.

And they’re not the only ones…

The largest auto parts suppliers in the world — Bosch, and Continental — are now backing the technology behind the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery.

Caterpillar, the world’s leading construction equipment company, is aiming to adopt the technology too, for its trucks, diggers, and excavation equipment.

The world’s biggest manufacturer of spark plugs for gasoline engines is restructuring its entire business to take part in the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery revolution!

One of the world’s leading airplane engine companies is backing the technology behind the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery too — as experts predict this could be the battery that finally unlocks electric aviation…

Easyjet's electric plane is ready for take-off next year

That’s right… planes, helicopters, even flying cars that run on batteries, not gasoline or diesel!

I firmly believe the Quantum Glass Battery will completely displace gasoline as the new standard for transportation — in ALL its forms — across America.

But things are moving quickly.

The U.S. government is already fast-tracking its development.

They’ve classified Quantum Glass as a “critical need” technology — essential to the mass adoption of electric vehicles—one that could finally limit our dependence on foreign oil.

They’re committing millions in taxpayer dollars to aid in its commercialization, including the planning of a first-ever nationwide electric car infrastructure.

The Department of Energy just unveiled a projection for its “National Fast-Charging Coverage” plan, which would include installing 8,000 fast-charging stations along major highways across America…

The Office of Vehicle Technologies, The Department of Transportation, and The Automotive Research Center are following suit, backing the push towards the mass electrification of vehicles across America…

And this is just the start…

Almost every major world government from China to Great Britain to Germany and Japan is getting behind this new technology too.

They’re spearheading similar initiatives as they plan to end the sale of gas and diesel-powered vehicles once and for all.

The European Union, which is building as many 20 new Giga-Factories investing a massive 20 BILLION Euros to rival Tesla, is investing in the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery…

In Japan, they’ve forged an alliance of nearly two dozen research organizations with one common goal: The mass adoption of this world-changing technology.

My point is, this isn’t something that might or might not happen…

This mega-trend is beginning right now.

The End of Gasoline

In fact, the “Quantum Glass” revolution will be so disruptive, major oil companies have no choice but to radically reshape their businesses — and embrace the global transition to electric vehicles now being led by the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery.

British Petroleum… Exxon… France’s Total… even Saudi Royals are all making major investments…

Simply put, the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery is more than a revolution… it’s a tsunami-like phenomenon, crushing everything in its path.

Like when the first automobiles stamped out the horse and buggy… or when the personal computer eradicated the typewriter…

The ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery will change everything about the global market for energy, in all of its forms.

Oil cartels will be toppled. Major corporations will be displaced.

Children a few years from now will think of gasoline-powered cars—and gas stations—the same way millennials now think of telephone landlines…

In other words…

Not at all.

No one is safe…

Not even the most popular electric car company in the world, Tesla…

The “Tesla Killer”

In a stunning “about-face” Panasonic, Tesla’s lead partner in its $5 BILLION lithium-ion battery giga-factory, is now working to bring the “Quantum Glass” Battery technology into the mainstream as soon as possible.

Tesla's gigafactory could be obsolete before it even opens. Here's why.

It’s formed a major alliance with 22 global electronics, automotive, and research organizations to drive the commercialization of “Quantum Glass” Battery technology.

That’s why International Business Times dubbed this battery simply, “The Tesla Killer.”

I have no doubt this will be the biggest story in the automotive world over the next several years.

Right now, you can get in before the investing mainstream even catches a whiff of these developments.

Simply put, the “Quantum Glass” Battery is set to dominate a market that, according to insiders, will be bigger than the $177 BILLION global semiconductor market…

Growing as much as 67,976% in the coming years.

You just can’t have this much new wealth being created without making a lot of people — millions of people — rich.

I believe folks who act now, before this technology is inside everything, could get filthy rich.

You see, the real story — and the story few people outside a small circle of high-level scientists, engineers, and in-the-know insiders know about—is the tiny company at the epicenter of this groundbreaking technology…

This firm — which is off the radar off of 99% of the investing public — has secured the key patents to the technology behind the production of the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery.

For early investors, this is a monumental opportunity…

A chance to learn how to get in on the ground floor of the tiny firm that’s paving the way for the global $3 TRILLION electric car revolution.

While it’s still trading for peanuts

While NO ONE else knows about it…

This is like being the first to know about a little-known $1 stock called Netflix in 2003 that would go on to disrupt the entire $496 BILLION entertainment market…

And showed early investors 38,979% gains, which turns every $1,000 invested into more than $389,000…

Being the first to know about a tiny $2 stock called Amazon in 1997, which would go on to completely obliterate the $306 BILLION “brick & mortar” retail industry…

And showed early investors more than 89,000% gains…

Or a tiny 10 cent company called Microsoft in 1986 that would go on to radically disrupt the computer software market…

And showed investors life-changing 97,600% gains, turning every $1,000 investment stake into nearly $1 million.

Only this new battery revolution could be much, much bigger.

How can I be so sure?

Because the “Quantum Glass” Battery is not going to disrupt just one industry, but multiple…

The $2 TRILLION-dollar automotive market…

The MULTI-TRILLION global oil & gas markets…

And as you’re about to see, it’s even being slated for use in the multi-billion-dollar smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Internet of Things markets.

Incredibly, Wall Street is completely behind the curve on this one.

I haven’t seen a single analyst is following this tiny stock!

At least… not yet.

That’s about to change very soon.

I’ll show you why these big investment houses are about to go on a major buying spree—and send shares soaring.

That can give you a tremendous advantage if you act soon.

I’ll show you how.

Here’s my promise to you—if you time this right—and learn how to get in before the masses…

It may be the last investment you ever need to make again.

It’s that powerful.

So, who am I and why am I qualified to tell you about this opportunity?

Hi, my name is Matt McCall

Seventeen years ago, I was a high-powered broker for financial giant Charles Schwab.

But even though I quickly gained wealth, authority, and influence…

It didn’t feel right to me. I wanted to be someone who helps people make money for themselves… not someone who makes money from investors… which I find disgusting.

So, I walked away from a promising career in 2002 to do what really inspires me: helping people just like you reach financial independence.

I wanted to reach folks who live on Main Street — not Wall Street — just like my family and my friends… the very backbone of America.

That’s why I became chief technical analyst and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Winning on Wall Street.

I did this to get my message out and help educate as many investors as possible.

And that’s why I founded Penn Financial Group, a registered investment advisory.

I wrote two investment books, with my latest — The Next Great Bull Market — a top seller for over two years.

I’ve made over 1,500 television appearances, on networks like CNBCFox News, and Bloomberg TV… eventually becoming a nightly co-host on Fox Business.

You may have seen my articles in The Wall Street JournalBusiness Week, and Investor’s Business Daily to name a few.

I’m not saying any of this to brag… only to show you that when it comes to early-stage investment opportunities, I’ve been around the block more than a few times.

But you know what?

None of those credentials matter much if you don’t give people the chance to make people money.

That’s exactly what I do…

Over the years, I’ve prided myself on giving ordinary folks the chance to get in on life-changing trends before the masses get there…

I told folks about a little-known chip maker called Skyworks who won an exclusive deal to supply Apple with critical microchips for the iPad. Shares went up as high as 361% had you held on to my initial recommendation.

I showed folks how to get in early on the robotics revolution with a small company called iRobot, which has soared as high as 695% had you held on to my original recommendation…

I told readers about a tiny company called that won an exclusive contract with the government to sell postage stamps online. Folks who held on to my initial recommendation of had the chance to see incredible 2,498% gains.

When I was an institutional trader, I was one of the first to uncover a radical new company called Intuitive Surgical when it was trading for just $15 a share…

Today, it’s one of the leading medical robotics companies in the world — and now trades for over $500 a share.

That’s almost 3,400% higher than when I first recommended it!

Now, while opportunities like these could have been very lucrative for the folks who’ve followed my work…

Never in my career have I come across an opportunity like the one I’m about to share with you…

The technology behind the “Quantum Glass” Battery is going to reshape everything about our lives and our planet…

How does it work?

The secret is in a newly discovered super-material, what I call “Quantum Ion” glass.

Don’t let the name “glass” fool you. As you’re about to see, this material is unlike any glass you’ve probably ever witnessed before.

You see, this new battery replaces the liquid electrolyte normally found in Lithium-Ion batteries, with this special glass to create a completely SOLID battery.

How a Quantum Glass Battery works

How a Quantum Glass Battery works

Unlike the liquid electrolyte found in lithium batteries, “Quantum Ion” glass is NOT flammable, so there’s no danger of explosion.

It can be cut, nailed, stabbed, shot — it will not catch fire or explode.

Here’s the best part.

Even though it’s solid, this new material has as much as 27-TIMES more surface area than its liquid counterpart — allowing more ions to pass through it, at a much faster rate.

How a Quantum Glass Battery works

The result is a breakthrough battery Fortune is calling “an energy revolution” that stores more energy in less space

Drastically increases charging speed and — this part is key — requires almost NO rare or expensive materials and therefore, is much cheaper to make.

This last part is CRITICAL to the mass adoption of this technology, as you’re about to see.

And because the revolutionary “Quantum Ion” glass doesn’t degrade like today’s liquid electrolyte does — it can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without losing energy density.

I can’t stress the magnitude of this innovation enough…

For the first time in history, we have a technology that FINALLY overcomes all the obstacles keeping electric and driverless vehicles from going mainstream…

Charging Time.

It takes 75 minutes to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries inside a Tesla. That’s simply not practical in today’s fast-paced world.

But with the Quantum Glass Battery, everything changes. With preliminary testing showing a charge time as fast as 60 seconds, the comparison isn’t even close.

Heck, that’s faster than it takes to fill up a car on regular gasoline!


The technology behind Quantum Glass Battery now promises to take you as far as 1,000 miles before it needs to be charged again — enough to overcome even the most severe case of range anxiety!

Battery Lifetime.

Constant charging and discharging slowly erode the performance of today’s lithium-ion batteries.

But the Quantum Glass Battery can go hundreds of thousands of charge cycles before even beginning to lose energy capacity, meaning these batteries can potentially go MILLIONS of miles before they even begin to degrade!


The lithium-ion batteries inside virtually all of today’s electronics can easily explode…

The Quantum Glass Battery contains NO explosive compounds.

It can be shot, nailed, cut… you name it — and still, continue to power devices without skipping a beat.

But there’s still one final hurdle the Quantum Glass Battery must overcome before it can go on to drive the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles…

And it’s the most important factor of all…

I’m talking, of course, about COST.

Affordability is probably the biggest reason we don’t see more electric cars on roads across America.

With the average cost of electric cars still north of $50,000, they’re simply too expensive for the average American…

But all that is about to change in a major way…

You see, when it comes to world-changing technologies, lower prices are always the secret LINCHPIN to gaining widespread commercialization…

Few people realize this, but many of the biggest and most important innovations of the past 100 years simply would not have achieved mainstream acceptance had they not been AFFORDABLE to the masses.

Take the automobile, for instance…

The first gasoline cars were ready for road use as early as 1885—but were way too expensive for the average consumer.

It wasn’t until Henry Ford’s assembly line — several years later — that automobiles could finally be produced cheaply enough to be sold on a mass scale.

Or how about the personal computer…

The first commercial computers were sold in 1951, cost $1 MILLION, and weighed 29,000 pounds!

It wasn’t until the emergence of the silicon microchip that computers could be made small — and cheap — enough to fit on desktops and practical for use inside homes across America.

It was the same story with the Internet.

The early versions of the World Wide Web were so wildly expensive that only the government and rich universities like Stanford and UCLA could afford to use it!

But that all changed with the advent of fiberoptic cable, which finally allowed data to be sent faster over greater distances at incredibly cheap prices.

Once the fiberoptic network was laid out, just about every home in America and business could stay connected over long distances.

My point is, the biggest innovations weren’t ready for mass adoption until the right technology came along and made them AFFORDABLE to the masses.

And that’s exactly what the Quantum Glass Battery is going to do for electric cars…

It is the final piece of the puzzle… the “linchpin” technology that will make electric cars cheap and practical enough for the masses.

Even more affordable than today’s gasoline cars AND with better performance!

How is this possible?

You see, the battery makes up as much as 40% of the production cost in electric cars.

Drive down the cost of the battery — and you drive down the price of the car.

When the first electric vehicles were introduced in 2010, for example, lithium battery packs cost an average of $1,000 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to produce.

That’s the metric companies use to determine the cost to make an electric car.

$1,000 per kilowatt-hour is ASTRONOMICAL.

At that rate, the average retail price of an electric car runs about $80,000…

The “holy grail” for companies has been to get that cost down to $100 per kWh.

Experts agree that’s the critical tipping point at which electric car prices can become competitive with gasoline-powered cars.

By 2017, improvements had been made to lithium batteries that pushed costs down to around $200 per kWh.

But with lithium-ion technology reaching its full potential—electric car makers have hit an impasse.

Today, with an average retail price north of $50,000, they’re still too expensive for the average consumer…

Enter the Quantum Glass Battery—which not only crosses the $100 threshold, it blasts right through it!

According to industry insiders, the technology behind the Quantum Glass Battery is profoundly inexpensive to produce and could cost carmakers as little as $30 per kilowatt-hour as this technology develops.

Remember, the Quantum Glass Battery uses NO rare or expensive materials — and amazingly, it’s relatively simple to make.

A standard lithium-ion battery has 18 different steps in the manufacturing process and takes 50-60 days to produce.

The Quantum Glass Battery can be produced in a fraction of that time, as little as 10 days—and could give us the first-ever $15,000 mass-market electric car…

That’s more than 50% cheaper than the average gas car today!

Yes, that’s a car you’ll actually WANT to drive.

A car with superior performance over virtually anything on the road today — AND it will be considerably easier on your wallet!

This is huge… and why we are now at the forefront of the biggest global shift we’ve seen in decades.

Everything is about to change.

For early investors, the time to get in is now.

Before all the major automakers officially announce the introduction of this battery into their fleet of vehicles.

You may never have another opportunity like this again…

Where a tiny investment stake of just $100 or so could realistically turn into $50,000… $100,000 or more.

Because at the heart of this revolution…

One tiny company—less than 1/1,000 the size of General Motors—owns the critical patents to the Quantum Glass Battery.

Things are moving fast…

Its patents have already been granted and approved in SIX major automotive markets across the globe, including—

  • The United States
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Great Britain

This is why one of the biggest car companies in the world — a $198 BILLION multi-national behemoth — has sought this tiny firm out.

This auto giant produces 10 million cars a year and commands a leading 9.2% of the global car market.

They’ve forged a historic partnership deal with this tiny firm to fast track the production of the technology behind the Quantum Glass Battery… to get it into their cars and bring it into the global mainstream.

And they’re not the only ones doing deals with this firm…

Another is the 4th largest auto company in the world who produces more than 5 million cars per year… 20 million motorcycles… 6 million power products.

And yet another company is one of the leading luxury auto manufacturers in the world — a name that is synonymous with status and prestige.

Each of these deals alone could be worth BILLIONS of dollars to this tiny firm—which is thousands of times greater than its current value.

As you can see, things are moving fast…

Right now, it’s still early — as production is nearing the critical pilot stages.

This technology has not rolled out on a mainstream level yet.

For “ground floor” investors, this is exactly where they want to be.

This tiny company is off the radar of just about everyone, including the big boys on Wall Street…

Just check out how many Wall Street firms own this stock: ZERO.

That’s because big institutional investors — like mutual funds and investment banks — are forbidden from buying stocks this small.

These huge firms need to buy a lot of shares to make it worth their while.

This Quantum Glass Battery company is so tiny that if a big Wall Street firm tried to buy shares, they’d send the share price through the roof—they could never get in at a good price!

Because Wall Street doesn’t follow this tiny company (yet, neither does mainstream news!

As you can see, this is a scenario that can work incredibly well in your favor.

You see, Wall Street analysts and big investment houses will probably begin a massive buying frenzy in this company soon – but only after it’s at least TRIPLED in size.

In other words, only after early investors have at least tripled their money.

When you do the math, it’s easy to see why Wall Street is desperately waiting in the wings to load up on shares…

Let’s say this company’s battery captures just one-half of ONE PERCENT of the global electric car market in the coming years…

That will be enough to boost its revenues to more than $2 BILLION when production and sales are in full swing…

That’s an incredible 27,746% increase from where it stands today.

A revenue surge that big could rocket shares into the stratosphere. We could easily see a share price surge of 12,000% or more.

Keep in mind, that’s just my extremely conservative estimate—as I believe their market share could end up being much, much bigger.

But still, let’s say this company’s battery captures a still very conservative 3% of the overall electric car market. That would be enough to boost its revenue by an earth-shattering 81,000%.

At that rate, we could see a share price gain of 36,000% — as the Quantum Glass Battery achieves mass-market adoption.

That kind of gain turns a tiny $1,000 stake into $360,000…

Or $5,000 into $1.8 MILLION.

My point is, right now this company is still small and unknown—giving you the rare chance to be among the first to get in front of this massive revolution.

In the end, I think this company could achieve a much greater market share than 3%. In fact, it could be much, much bigger.

Of course, like with all investments, there is risk involved — there’s no guarantee of success.

But the way I see it, the bigger risk would be to do nothing at all.

Opportunities like this simply don’t land in your lap every day.

It may be decades before we get another chance like this, to get in at the very front of a major multi-trillion-dollar transformative shift…

This could be the moment you remember for the rest of your life… the moment everything changed.

Years from now you’ll be able to look back and tell friends and family you saw this trend coming, understood the impact it would have, and how you were able to make a fortune off it.

Even if you invest a few bucks or just want to learn about what’s going on, it’s worth it.

I believe it’s only a matter of time before the tiny company at the epicenter of the Quantum Glass Battery technology revolution becomes the next household name.

This company has already inked deals with several major auto manufacturers. It owns all the key patents.

Right now, it is at the crucial part of the development timeline as lithium-ion batteries are phased out and the Quantum Glass Battery technology takes over.

This company’s battery will soon roll out in the automotive sector… and profits will surge.

That means right now is the perfect time to stake a claim…

Now you have a once-in-lifetime chance to learn how to get in before the big boys on Wall Street do…

Report: The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car RevolutionThis idea is so potentially profitable that I recently put together a time-sensitive special research report called: The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution.

This report gives you the full details on the tiny company I just described to you — the one at the forefront of the $3 TRILLION global transition to electric vehicles…

Inside this report, you’ll learn about the brilliant scientists and researchers behind the company… the details on their world-changing new battery… the major companies who’ve signed deals with this small firm…

You’ll also learn the ticker symbol…our recommended buy up to price… how much exactly you can expect this tiny stock to go up… how to pick up shares… and what to expect in the next 6-12 months.

It’s all there.

Incredibly, this small company is just the start…

As you can imagine, with billions — even trillions — of dollars at stake, lots of companies are going for this — many of whom will also land big deals in the automotive sector.

You’ll want to know about these businesses too.

One of these companies, for instance, has created a battery system designed exclusively for electric city buses, which can be charged in — get this — just 20 seconds.

In fact, one of the biggest bus makers on the planet just lined up a deal to use this company’s battery system in their city bus fleets.

With cities all over the world from L.A. to Chicago to Dallas to Pittsburgh to Paris planning on electrifying their public bus fleets, this small company is sitting in the pole position to dominate this overlooked market.

It’s even developing the world’s first fully-electric car-sharing fleet. Already pilot programs are being rolled out in cities across the globe — Indianapolis, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

If you want to take part in the Quantum Glass Battery revolution, you simply must know about this company too.

And that’s still not all.

The global shift to the Quantum Glass Battery technology will mean huge profits for the small mining companies providing the raw materials needed to manufacture and process the Quantum Glass Battery.

I’ll tell you about these companies too.

During the lithium-ion battery boom, dozens of lithium miners soared by amazing multiples, like Galaxy Resources — 2,900%, MGX Minerals — 1,900%, and Pure Energy Minerals — 4,500%.

For the resource companies at the epicenter of the Quantum Glass Battery boom, it will be no different.

Keep in mind, many of the companies inside our report are tiny. We expect their share prices to soar as this breakthrough goes mainstream. Don’t chase the share price up. We’ll tell you the best price to get in on each one, so you can maximize gains.

Report: The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car RevolutionYou’ll get the full story inside The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution

After you read my complete research on this situation, you’ll understand what’s really at stake here… and exactly how you can profit from it.

This is the caliber of investment research Wall Street and Venture Capital firms would gladly pay tens of thousands of dollars for…

After all, a winning investment could easily mean a $100 million-dollar payday or more for these firms…

But this research isn’t for Wall Street…

It’s for you.

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on this project because to me I don’t see an easier way to turn a tiny sum of cash into an absolute fortune…

And I’ve never been more certain about anything in my nearly 2-decade career in finance.

This is a huge, huge trend… where a single, tiny investment could change your life.

All this equates to an unprecedented moneymaking opportunity if you’re willing to learn how to get in on this investment opportunity very soon.

Bottom line: I think this is the most valuable investment research report of its kind on the planet…

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An Obsession

My name, as I mentioned earlier, is Matt McCall…

For nearly my entire 2-decade career in finance, I’ve been obsessed.

Obsessed with “getting there first.”

If you know anything about the stock market, you know the power of being “first.”

Take the power of being among the first to know in 1992 how a new development called “the Internet” was set to change the way we work and live.

Investors with access to this knowledge made over 9,000% in software maker Microsoft… and more than 10,000% in Internet plumbing maker Cisco.

A 9,000% gain turns an investment of $10,000 into $910,000.

Or take the power of being among the first to know in the late 1970s about a new development called “the personal computer” and how it was going to radically alter our daily lives.

Again, investors who knew about this massive trend early on had the chance to see 25,000%+ gains with chip makers like Intel.

Those are investment returns that can allow you to afford virtually any kind of lifestyle you like.

You can buy boats, sports cars, vacations, and homes with that kind of money… or simply never work again.

Wall Street won’t tell you this, but by the time the general public hears about a major investment trend, the big money has already been made… by those who got there FIRST.

The people who buy stocks once a big trend goes “mainstream” often buy at the top and suffer big losses.

The power of being first is why I’ve dedicated my career to showing folks how to get into the world’s biggest, most revolutionary trends BEFORE anyone else.

For example, I saw a huge opportunity in a company making huge developments in food safety and technology called Neogen, which soared 528% had you held on to my original recommendation….

I found a little-known retail company called ULTA which soared 1,523% had you held on to my original recommendation…

We saw 1,461% gains on an initial recommendation to get in early on Internet retailer Amazon…

I showed folks how to get in early on the robotics revolution with a small company called iRobot, which has soared as high as 695% since my recommendation…

I told readers about a tiny company called who won an exclusive contract with the government to sell postage stamps online…

I was one of the first to uncover a radical new company called Intuitive Surgical when it was trading for just $15 a share…

Today, it’s one of the leading medical robotics companies in the world — and now trades for over $500 a share.

That’s 3,500% higher than when I first recommended it!

My obsession with getting there first is why I founded my own independent investment research advisory, designed specifically to help folks on Main Street — NOT Wall Street.

It’s called Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities.

My goal with this research advisory is simple…

To show you how to get into the biggest, most transformative investment opportunities ahead of the masses.

I firmly believe the Quantum Glass Battery technology will be the biggest story of my career…

I’ve spent that last several months getting to the bottom of the story, BEFORE anyone else gets there, including the big boys on Wall Street.

I’ve spoken with CEOs and researchers, visited the labs and production facilities…

I’ve personally devoted so much time to this project because, quite honestly, I don’t see a better way to potentially make 10-times your money or more…

Report: The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car RevolutionIf you want to learn the full details and make a fortune as the Quantum Glass Battery ignites the global electric car revolution, it all starts with my investment research report The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution

Incredibly, this is just the start…

The Quantum Glass Battery is such a massive revolution that it isn’t going to transform just the automotive industry, but NUMEROUS other industries too…

During the course of my research, I found another company that has developed the critical Quantum Glass Battery technology needed to drive the Internet of Things or “IoT” revolution now getting underway…

IoT works by connecting billions of devices to the Internet, from iPhones to fitness trackers to refrigerators to entire cities, via a myriad of sensors and controllers.

And this little-known company is at the center of it all—designing a Quantum Glass Battery specifically to facilitate the micro-communications that will occur between the 50 billion devices estimated to be connected to IoT technology.

You see, all these devices need to be able to function for years, independently of external power sources…

And they all need compact, reliable, and extremely safe batteries.

Incredibly, this company has developed a Quantum Glass Battery perfect for the job.

It’s smaller than a grain of rice… It can fit inside virtually anything—smartwatches, street lights, pacemakers, medical implants, you name it.

Take a look at the size of this powerful battery:

Size of Battery

Better still — it lasts exponentially longer than anything this industry has ever seen before — giving it a virtual stranglehold in the Internet of Things revolution.

It already has strategic partnerships with all the biggest electronics companies, like Apple, Sony, Qualcomm, and more.

Demand for this battery is going to explode. As it recently announced plans to produce 30,000 of these super-powerful batteries PER MONTH.

But that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to when IoT rolls out on full scale.

Incredibly, this stock is off the radar of 99% of the investing public. It’s still very cheap.

NOW is the perfect time to load up on shares.

To help you capture this opportunity as well, I have an additional report I’d also like you to have…

Report: The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Internet of Things IndustryIt’s called The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Internet of Things Industry and will give you step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of this incredible situation too.

This is another fantastic way to potentially make many times your money…

This report — along with The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution

Keep in mind: You can’t buy these reports anywhere. They’re not for sale. Not at any price.

To claim your free copies, all I ask in return is that you try a no-risk trial subscription to my early-stage investment research advisory, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities.

As a subscriber, you’ll have a front-row seat to all the technological breakthroughs and advances reshaping our world.

Each month, I will email you a new edition of my Investment Opportunities advisory letter with at least one new investment opportunity.

If urgent market or stock news breaks, or it’s time to collect profits, I’ll email you right away to explain what’s happening and what it means for your Investment Opportunities recommendations.

It’s everything you need to know to stay ahead of Wall Street and it’s delivered directly to your email inbox.

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  • BENEFIT #1 — The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution (Value: $99)
  • BENEFIT #2 — The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Internet of Things Industry (Value: $99)
  • BENEFIT #3 — 12 Monthly Issues of Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities. Each month, I’ll keep you up to date on exactly what’s going on regarding the Quantum Glass Battery and electric car boom, and I’ll show you some unusual and incredible ways to make money now and as it ramps up. Inside my issues, you’ll find our latest investment recommendations, our current model portfolio… expert insight from my large list of contacts… and insight you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also learn about other incredible mega-trend opportunities I’m currently focusing a lot of time and energy on like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, gene editing, the Internet of Things just to name a few. Every month, I’ll send you a full issue that details what I believe are the world’s biggest investment opportunities. (Value: $199)
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The Quantum Glass Battery is a once-in-a-generation revolution that’s going to change a lot of peoples’ lives.

It is certainly one of the most important technological events of my entire life.

It’s simply critical that you know as much as possible about what’s happening and how to profit.

This is too important for you to miss.

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In fact, I think you’ll be shocked when you see just how little I’m asking for this level of financial research.

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Heidi B. from Los Angeles, CA says:

“Thank you for the many winners you have given me! Your recent recommendation has made me extremely happy. Last week it was $2. I woke up one morning this week to find it trading at $13. WOW. I immediately ran out and bought a PRADA bag. Lol. You are fabulous at your job and I am so happy I found you!! Much thanks and I look forward to a continued happy and profitable relationship.”

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“I purchased two of your recommendations. Together, I’m up about $6000-7000 in under 2 months. Usually, I’m a ‘buy and hold’ mutual fund investor… so, not too shabby!”

Jeff L. says:

“I’ve more than tripled my money on your recommendations. Your analysis is great. I would recommend this to anyone.”

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“Obviously the marijuana stocks have done very well… which I’m happy about. I’ve made more than $3,000 so far.

I want nothing more than the chance for YOU to be my next success story…

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10x Guarantee

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That’s right.

Have a look at everything mentioned here 100% RISK-FREE for the next 365 days…

If you don’t see 1,000% gains in my model portfolio…

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That’s how confident I am in my work — and in the Quantum Glass Battery, revolution set to be unleashed across the world on a mass scale.

And remember: You’ll have a full 12 months to review my work completely risk-free.

Where else in the world could you try something for a full year… and get a full refund if you don’t like it?

You can even keep all the special research reports you receive as my way of saying “thank you” for giving my research a try.

I want you to be happy.

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For the entire Matt McCall Investment Opportunities team, I’m Matt McCall.

Thank you so much for spending this time with me today…


Matt McCall
Editor, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities
December 2018

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