Fed Rate Hikes Make This Small Bank Stock a Must Buy

Could a beat up bank like this really have made you millions over the last 22 years?

I'm not kidding…

These eyesores are cash cows.

Right now, there are 174 of them throwing off record, life-changing profits as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

I'll show you the best bank to buy for just $16.

  • Average returns buying these tiny banks over 22 years would've turned $25,000 into $4.1 million despite 3 recessions, real estate crashes and now rapid inflation.
  • They beat the market 82% of the time. I learned this from the laziest successful man I ever worked with (3-martini Matt).

I'm NOT talking about big banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America…

I'm talking about that little bank behind the Burger King… or in the taco joint strip center.

Here's how to invest for just $16.

Tim Melvin
Editor, The 20% Letter

P.S. These banks have averaged a 26% average return each year. Compound that and you're doubling your money every 3 years. Here's how.

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