This Hot CleanTech Stock is the #1 Stock to Buy Now

During Obama, it was all about solar and wind.

During Trump, it was all about coal, oil, and gas.

This isn’t necessarily a criticism but rather an observation of truth that, if you pay close attention, can make you a lot of money.

Now, it hasn't been long since Biden moved into the White House. And no matter what you think of him, the reality is that when it comes to energy policy, we’re about to see a repeat of what we saw under the Obama administration.

Bottom line: Solar, wind, and electric vehicles are about to get all kinds of love over the next four years.

Certainly, we’ll be investing accordingly.

Who’s in Charge Here?

What’s interesting about this administration is that President Biden chose former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to be his energy secretary.

If you don’t know, Granholm is a huge supporter of renewable energy integration and tends to put a lot of support behind technological innovation.

This means renewable energy companies that are offering “next-generation” solutions and technologies are the ones that are likely to be in the pole position for the first round of clean energy incentives.

This will be good for companies such as Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE), and a handful of other electric car, wind energy, and solar power stocks.

But there’s definitely one that sticks out above all the rest.

I’ve been following this company for a long time, and no matter how many times I read about the technology or share it with colleagues, I’m still blown away.

This is going to change everything.

I actually wish I could do the technology justice by explaining it to you here, but you really just have to see it for yourself.

The sign-up box below will take you to a report that shows what this technology looks like and how it works.

I also just updated a new investor note with more details on the company and of course the ticker symbol in case you want to buy a few shares while it’s still relatively cheap.

The next four years are going to be very good for renewable energy investors.

I do hope you take full advantage of this opportunity.

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