Investing in the New Normal…

History is a progression of “new normals.”

One minute we’re walking down a path with everything in sync. We become used to our routine, and it seems as if nothing will deviate us from our course.

That’s when the disruption happens.

Few recognize the drastic change that’s occurring and fewer still saw it coming.

We experienced this for ourselves not too long ago, didn’t we?

I know for a fact that many of you have seen it happen firsthand.

After all, the veteran members of our investment community here saw the radical shift take place in the U.S. energy sector a little more than a decade ago.

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Let me explain…

Close your eyes for a moment and try to think back to September 2005.

That month, U.S. crude production averaged 4.2 million barrels per day.

It also marked the first time in 55 years that our domestic oil production had fallen below 5 million barrels per day.

That may not sound like the apocalypse, but try to remember that U.S. oil output had been steadily declining since 1970.

It was clear at the time that our future was chained to OPEC’s dominance over the global crude market.

Fortunately, we saw the shift before it happened.

More importantly, the bigger question for us knowing that a “new normal” was emerging was how to take advantage of it.

You see, we also had an ace up our sleeve.

We knew a man named George Mitchell.

Don’t worry too much if that name doesn’t ring a bell. I suspect most investors today wouldn’t recall his name.

Back in the 1980s, George was the one who was tinkering around with combining horizontal drilling techniques with hydraulic fracturing. He had a radical idea that you could tap into a vast wealth of tight oil and natural gas resources.

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By 2008, companies were using these technologies across several prominent tight oil formations, including the Bakken, which quickly became a household name as North Dakota's oil output surged 725% to 1.4 million barrels per day between 2009 and 2019.

It changed our oil-and-gas sector practically overnight, and U.S. dominance in the global oil market had once again become the “new normal.”

Today, there’s another “new normal” taking shape.

Do you see it?

Investing in Today’s “New Normal”

Make no mistake, we ARE living in a “new normal” today.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few small things here and there that have changed in your daily routine.

Maybe it’s as simple as getting out of your car at the grocery store and immediately reaching for the face mask in your pocket.

For others, the changes have been wide and sweeping.

Try telling restaurant owners or one of their staff that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t radically altered life as we know it.

While entire industries are melting down before our eyes, there’s always a small group of investors adapting to the situation.

The “new normal” in which we find ourselves today isn’t without a silver lining.

One of those elite traders has been having unprecedented success finding the best stocks during this COVID-19 market.

His office also just happens to be located a few feet behind me.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve gotten used to Christian DeHaemer’s knack for uncovering megatrends before they emerge… and so have his readers.

Next week, he’s going to release a groundbreaking investment report to the public that will highlight the best stocks to buy during today’s “new normal” market.

What’s happening now is nothing short of a revolution.

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Stay tuned.

Until next time,

Keith Kohl

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